Public Speaking

A gifted, fun and entertaining speaker, Matt engages his audience with thought provoking topics like Sexy Numbers, Marketing Home Truths and Cash is The New King

Many business owners have joined Matt’s mentoring programmes as a result of hearing him speak and their result have been undeniable.

A massive multi-million dollar increase in turnover

“When we first met Matt Jull we had never had a turnover of more than $500,000, after 3 years with Refresh, we have sales of over $2,000,000 with another $3,200,000 in the pipeline and our gross profit is up from 17% to over 22%. Matt keeps us focussed on the bottom line and we have excellent measuring systems to track our progress towards big profits.”

Kris & Barb MacGregor KBM Ltd – Refresh Renovations

$100,000 increase in wages – HELP!

“I turned to Matt Jull for advice when the minimum wage was increasing by 50 cents and with more than 200 staff I was facing a wage bill increase of $100,000. This would have crippled my retail business which was already facing pressure in the very price sensitive Asian Food Market. My back was against the wall so with Matt’s encouragement I did something that all Chinese people hate to do – Increase My Prices! We called a meeting with my store managers and told them to put all the prices up 10 cents. The look of fear on their faces was priceless. The next morning they all increased the prices by 10%. I was shocked but it was the best thing ever. We didn’t lose a single customer and we made more than $240,000 in extra cashflow which more than covered the wage increase. I have since sold my stores to concentrate on my wholesale business and property portfolio. Thank you Matt”

Ron Hoy Fong – Tofu Shop

Professional fees take an awesome leap and more than triple

“Matt’s advice is invaluable, before working with him my average fee was around $8,000 but by repositioning my company I was soon commanding more than triple that fee averaging $24,988. I have since sold my business (for a very handsome sum) moved to Australia, started a new business, invested my money and begun a family. Life is great.”



Jane Eyles-Bennet former owner of Spaceworks Ltd in Auckland